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Iron Man

Iron Man
Previous experience with superhero movies has meant I generally hold little hope for them, but the Iron Man trailers I have seen so far all suggest something a bit different, something that actually looks good.

Not sure if this is because the story looks more interesting than most, perhaps because it seems less exaggerated than most superhero films. Robert Downey Jr seems to have brought some playfulness and dry humour to the role, which is good. Gwyneth Paltrow is playing far from a typical love interest/damsel in distress. So far, looks good.

Iron Man is due for release in the UK on 2nd May.

Check out the trailers on Apple.


Jackie Brown by

Ordell Robbie (Samuel L Jackson) is watching a video of girls in bikinis talking about their favourite guns and explaining what he retails them for to a friend (Robert De Niro) the AK-47 comes on screen and he turns the volume up.


AK-47, when you absolutely, positively gotta kill every mother fucker in the room, accept no substitutes.